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Recruitment – It’s Just Making a Few Phone Calls…

It would seem that despite the protests of LinkedIn, and outcries of “Come on everyone – getting bored of the recruitment bashing posts on here,” people still love to have a good moan…particularly at the expense of recruiters, unpaying clients, and of course energy brokers (we feel your pain!)

Unfortunately, I can genuinely understand why the industry attracts so much bad press, having heard horror stories of lied-to candidates, and clients railroaded into wholly unnecessary and wildly overpriced retainers, all in the name of getting paid for “making a few phone calls.”

Contrary to popular belief however, good recruiters actually do a lot more than a simple ring-round on receiving a job spec, followed by Moet & Chandon-filled lunches once the candidate is offered the job.


So what do we actually do?

  • Consultation – We provide clients with advice/insight into the recruitment process including suggesting new job functions to meet the needs of the business, writing job specifications & suggesting interview structures/questioning as required.
  • Market Research – If required, we conduct market research on behalf clients in order to ascertain average salaries/candidate availability within the area.
  • Site Visits – We meet clients at their company in order to better understand the working environment and team dynamic prior to sourcing candidates, so that we can recommend more suitable candidates based on personality fit.
  • Advertising – We advertise job vacancies across numerous channels including online job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & the Directgov website, and if anyone reading has used the latter you’d probably agree there’d be money to made in freelancing, just to navigate the site on behalf of others…
  • Managing Advert Response – We handle the response from candidates for all adverts by reviewing each applicant’s suitability for the role, drawing up a shortlist of potentially suitable applicants, and informing all unsuccessful applicants on behalf of clients by email.
  • Candidate Sourcing – We actively source for candidates using major job boards & LinkedIn, in conjunction with candidates held on our internal database, to draw up a shortlist of further potentially suitable candidates for a role.
  • Initial Screening Calls – We conduct initial tele-screens with all potentially suitable candidates, to assess their interest in a vacancy based on a variety of factors including salary expectations, location, reasons for leaving current employer, notice period, and what they are looking for from their next job role, to further narrow the shortlist of potentially suitable candidates.
  • Skype/Face to Face Interview – Once we have our shortlist, we arrange a suitable time for them to either meet with ourselves face to face, or be contacted via Skype (dependant on location) for more in-depth questioning around their previous experience, key achievements & aspirations, and compare their responses to the needs of the client.
  • Obtaining Proof of Eligibility – Prior to recommending a candidate to a client, we obtain a copy of a candidate’s proof of eligibility to work in the UK, as well as copies of any qualifications/certificates required for the role.
  • Personality Profiling – Depending on the nature of the position, particularly within sales, we conduct in-depth personality profiling in order to ensure that a candidate’s preferred working style would be conducive to needs of the business, and ultimately ensure the match is a good fit for both parties.
  • Reference Checking – We obtain two references for each candidate we represent, a job in itself when repeatedly chasing up unreturned references…
  • Recommending Candidates – all candidates who have expressed interest, and have successfully passed our full screening process are forwarded to clients for their review. For each candidate we recommend, we provide the client with the candidate’s CV, references, copies of qualification/certificates if applicable, along with a covering email detailing further information regarding the candidate such as location, reason they would like to be considered for the role, salary expectations etc.
  • Organising Interviews – Should a client wish to interview any candidates we have recommended directly, we facilitate this including organising suitable times/location for both parties, and provide confirmation of interviews.
  • Interview Preparation – We call candidates prior to their interview to ensure they know exactly what to expect, where to go, what to bring, who to ask for, so that the process runs as smoothly as possible
  • Obtaining Candidate Feedback – We schedule a telephone call to all candidates attending a client interview following the meeting, to gauge their impression of the role/company, and ascertain their continued interest in the role.
  • Providing Client Feedback – We provide all candidates with feedback following interviews on behalf of the client, including an initial offer of employment, or feedback as to why they have been unsuccessful.
  • Handling Negotiations – Should a client wish to make a candidate a formal offer of employment, we liaise between both parties in order to try and secure the offer, by way of negotiation in terms of package offered, additional employee benefits, working hours, further education etc.
  • Confirmation of Employment Offer – Following acceptance by a candidate of a permanent offer of employment, we liaise with both parties to organise a suitable start date, and provide written confirmation.
  • Ongoing Support – Throughout the recruitment process, we provide candidates and clients with regular updates as to our progress, as well as responding to any queries they may have. We also schedule callbacks/meetings following all placements at staged intervals with both candidates and clients to make sure things are going successfully.

When we’re not doing all this, we’re attending networking events, fielding incoming sales calls to our business, data entry, attempting to the fix the latest software/networking issues to arise, completing PSL information, handling invoices, and often in my case- writing blogs at the weekend…

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It’s sometimes crazy, hectic and forever lacking hours in the day. It is making “a few phone calls” – usually on an evening to try and catch candidates who are otherwise unavailable during the day. It’s returning someone’s call only to be met with their voice mail, for them to return your call, and get your voice mail, and so on and so forth…

Most importantly, while all of this is going on, a good recruiter is always doing one thing consistently throughout – caring. We care about doing a good job for our clients, so they’ll come to us again, and hopefully recommend us to others. We care about getting our candidates their prefect role, and being able to celebrate together when we get the news they’ve been hoping for. We care about making sure that a role is the perfect fit for our candidates, so that the next time we speak to them we can smile as they tell us how well things are going.

Of course there are cowboys out there, as there are in every industry, but I’d like to think in my experience there’s more good than bad. And despite having to read with disappointment the latest tale of woe from someone who has been severely let down by a recruiter on LinkedIn, there’s one thing I feel every day when I’m giving candidates and clients good news, and that’s very lucky to be doing what I’m doing.